VMworld: Lock down VMware View USB ports

I would say one of the best things about using VMware View is the included Group Policy pack that let you do just about anything you think you couldn’t do!  VMworld’s HOL (Hands on Lab) addresses several of these awesome group policies in different lessons.

For a shop like ours who require stringent security, especially in our call center, locking down USB ports is required.

I suggest you take a look at this lesson for information on how to lock down the USB ports and even allow specific devices to pass-through based on their vendor and part IDs!  Sweet!



WAIT!  Some of you might be saying, “but I can do this in the view connection server for each pool!”  Sure you can… but it is not granular for a specific user set and it also does not allow exceptions. (just a few examples of the flexibility of this one GPO module)


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