VMworld Hands-on-Labs (HOLs)

If you’re like me, one of my “must-see” items for VMworld each year are the Hands On Labs.  VMware and their partners spend a lot of time and energy to showcase products and solutions that you might just be wondering how they work.  It’s definitely worth my time to spend several hours in these labs trying out the products and solutions that I’d otherwise never get to try completely setup without purchasing or spending lots of my time setting up a POC.

If you’re interested in checking out the lab manuals from VMworld 2012, they are all here, on this website:  http://hol-cme.cloudfoundry.com/index.html

Happy learning!  My favorites were of course View or Horizon related!

Check out my photo from the 2011 VMworld Hands-On-Labs in Vegas:



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