VMware View 5.1: View Agent

I’ve had some issues with the transition to VMware View 5.1 in regards to performance and display problems.  Through KB Articles and the VMware support engineer, I’ve learned some valuable information about the VMware View Agent.

  • Install the View Agent LAST after you setup your vm, install applications, do windows updates, and get the VM the way you want it.
  • If you are running Windows Updates on your View desktop, you should make it a habit to reinstall the View Agent each time — you never know what the updates might have screwed up.  And NEVER have Windows Updates set to automatic on View!
  • Need to clone your parent VM for some reason?  Uninstall the View Agent before making the clone.
  • If you’re uninstalling the View Agent, check the registry after you reboot to make sure it is completely gone before you reinstall the View Agent:  HKLM\Software\VMware Inc.  You should not have a View Composer or VMware VDM folder anymore. *BE CAREFUL!*

**These are just my own personal suggestions.  Be very careful and make sure you have backups before editing the registry!  YMMV (Your mileage may vary!)**



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