VMware Horizon View Blast Gateway does not update

Ran across an interesting issue lately where our internal SSL CA certs from the last go around expired 3/2/2015.  When we upgraded to Horizon 5.3.3 in December 2014, we updated all the certs to expire 12/2016, so we shouldn’t have had any issues.  NOT so fast…

Turns out the issue is how you upgrade the HTML Access agent on the connection servers.  A simple uninstall of the old and install the new (VMware-Horizon-View-HTML-Access_x64-2.2.0-1404668) does NOT work.

Why?  If you uninstall the old, it does NOT stop the “Vmware Horizon View Blast Secure Gateway” service running on the server.

Here’s the screenshot to prove it:


After uninstalling, stopping the service, then reinstalling and starting the service, I now have the updated certificate showing when connecting to https://viewcs.mydomain.local:8443/r/

Good grief!



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