Gearing up for VMworld 2014 Part 1: Conference Overview

VMworld 2014 is right around the corner.  This will by 5th straight VMworld Conference and I’m pretty pumped!

VMworld 2014 will be great for several reasons:

  1. Slammed agenda full of amazing content.
  2. Conversations and networking with industry experts.
  3. Networking and relationship building with new and existing vendors you work with.
  4. Learning the direction of VMware and the cloud ecosystem to prepare me and my company for the future.
  5. FUN!

Are you headed to VMworld 2014 in a few weeks?  If so, ping me on Twitter and let’s connect!  @philvirtual

For those of you who are avid conference attenders like me, what do you do with your massive collection of conference badges?  My wall is getting full in my office:



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