Gearing up for VMworld 2014 Part 3: Before the Conference Begins

There’s a lot to do for an attendee before VMworld 2014 begins…

  • Schedule your sessions
  • Meet with Vendors (both new and existing)
  • Plan to visit every booth in the solutions exchange
  • Stay connected at the event

Schedule Builder

Advice:  Don’t schedule too many sessions.  I can only handle about 3 a day.  All conference attendees have access to recordings (audio/video plus slides) after the event is over… usually a few weeks to a few months before those are released.  So find your “can’t miss” sessions and lock those in on the Schedule Builder.

Monday and Tuesday start with VMware General Sessions on new product announcements and industry updates. HINT: You can watch these online anywhere or in the Hang Space in Moscone South.  For me, my inner claustrophobic self comes out with everyone in that one room.  General Sessions

Meet with Vendors

Your existing vendors and new vendors are (or should be) eager to meet with customers and prospects alike!  Don’t be scared to ask for a private meeting… voice your concerns, learn about what’s new, or see if they’ll do a tech preview and show you what’s coming down the pipeline.

Solutions Exchange

Yep – Visit EVERY booth in the Solutions Exchange.  This is as much of a reminder to myself as it is to the rest of you!  Every company in the solutions exchange is here because they’ve got a product or service related to virtualization and datacenter technologies.  You may find a small startup that one of the big players is going to purchase in the next few months.  Or you might find a booth you’ve walked by for years (and ignored) but now find value in their offering.  Take a few minutes and look at every booth.  You might just find something you need! (or really want, in my case most of the time!).

NOTICE:  Only let the vendor scan your badge if you’re interested in their product!  They will call you and put you on email lists after the event if you let them scan your badge.  However, don’t be a douche.  If you want their “swag” or to be entered in their “giveaway” … let them scan your badge and listen to their 2 minute value prop.

Looks like CDW has sponsored a cool “refueling” lounge in the back right corner of the solutions exchange:

REFUELING LOUNGE 2435 Feet hurting? Want a quick snack? Need a pick-me-up to get ready for your next session? Stop in the Refueling Lounge and get a robust coffee, delicious cookies and buttery popcorn. The Refueling Lounge will feature The Most Connected Vehicle of Its Kind: This 48-foot vehicle represents the first mobile implementation of a dynamic, synchronized stadium video system, high- density Wi-Fi network technology, and a retractable 16-foot video wall. In addition, a total of 15 network-connected HD displays, mounted cameras, and live video feeds, and powerful audio systems can all be controlled wirelessly from a mobile app. Do you want to win a custom driver? Come see the GOLF GUYS in the back of the Refueling Lounge. They will analyze your golf swing and provide you with an instant swing analysis.


Sunday, August 24 Welcome Reception
4:00 PM–7:00 PM

Monday, August 25
11:00 AM–6:00 PM

Tuesday, August 26
11:00 AM–6:00 PM

Tuesday, August 26 Hall Crawl
4:30 PM–6:00 PM

Wednesday, August 27
10:00 AM–5:00 PM


Full Solutions Exchange Guide (large 12MB PDF)

Booth List and Map (3 page PDF I made)

Here’s the map of all booths (Click to enlarge):



Staying Connected

VMworld is more about networking and learning than anything else – so don’t fail on the reason why you’re here!  Keep a lookout for those wearing Blogger and vExpert pins!

The Social Media page is a great hub of information on how to connect with different networks.  Blogs, twitter lists, and much much more.

VMworld also has a cool Mobile App with all of your schedule information and even a game this year.

Finally – join Twitter!  Connect with others online and in person.  Follow me @philvirtual !

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