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VMware Horizon View 6’s best kept secret

ViewDbChk –scanMachines –force Yep.   That’s it.

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Teradici Announced End Of Life for Tera1 Zero Clients

Am I the only one that missed this from April? According to this official documentation from Teradici, Tera1 is now End of Life. Important Dates Milestone Definition Date End-of-Life (EOL) Notification Notification of EOL provided through Teradici’s Technical Support portal.Tera1 firmware releases will not include development for new platform version support or features.Firmware updates will […]

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NEW Easy ways to License Microsoft Windows and Office for VMware Horizon View Virtual desktops (VDI)

An extremely complicated concept to understand is Microsoft Licensing in general.  If you’re trying to properly license virtual desktops running Windows, your level of complication just multiplied. Late 2014 also included MANY updates to the licensing options for VDI that I’ll discuss below. Disclaimer:  I am not a Microsoft Licensing expert by any means.  I […]

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VMware Horizon View Blast Gateway does not update

Ran across an interesting issue lately where our internal SSL CA certs from the last go around expired 3/2/2015.  When we upgraded to Horizon 5.3.3 in December 2014, we updated all the certs to expire 12/2016, so we shouldn’t have had any issues.  NOT so fast… Turns out the issue is how you upgrade the […]

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News: First zero-client supported softphone client released for VMware Horizon View – VoIP for PCoIP

Counterpath and Teradici officially announced the release of the Bria Virtualized Edition softphone last week.  Enterprise customers now have access to the first UC (VoIP) solution for Teradici PCoIP Zero Clients for VMware Horizon View virtual desktop (VDI) deployments, both on-site and desktop-as-a-service (DAAS). The Bria client enables voice calling (Via USB headset), IM and […]

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VMware Horizon View External Security Server and POODLE Vulnerability

Using VMware Horizon View and an External Security Server?  You may be vulnerable to “Poodle” (CVE-2014-3566)! VMware has released several KB’s on the issue. VMware Products and CVE-2014-3566 (POODLE) (2092133) Disabling SSLv3 connections over HTTPS to View Security Server and View Connection Server (2094442)   In regards to Horizon, 5.3.3’s release notes clearly state that […]

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NEWS: Teradici announces partnership to deliver UC VoIP to PCoIP Desktops!

This is a follow up to my earlier post regarding the ability to use VoIP Softphones through a Zero Client running PCoIP protocol using VMware View. (Here)   For those of us managing a zero-client desktop environment utilizing VMware View, this is huge news.  We now have some concrete information from Teradici about a partnership […]

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View: Black Screen after Windows Updates?

Has anyone else experienced black screen/protocol errors (externally) after doing mid-July Windows Updates on an internal connection server and my manual VM? I think the issue is related to: KB2840631 (on WinSvr2008) and KB2844286 (on Windows 7). My manual VM stopped connecting immediately after I installed this update and tried to connect to it externally. […]

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VoIP on PCoIP VMware View – Some Concrete Information

UPDATE: June 5, 2014 – NEWS: Teradici announces partnership to deliver UC to PCoIP Desktops!   Are you running VMware View on Zero Clients?  If so, you’re using the Teradici PCoIP protocol to transmit these desktops. Teradici has had the Tera1 Zero Clients for quite some time but recently released the Tera2 Zero Clients.  Along with […]

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Why Can’t you Stretch View Clusters?

For years I’ve wondered why a Stretched VMware Horizon View cluster is not supported by VMware.  I always assumed it was because of latency, but now we know for sure. Go check out this post on Simon Long’s website: Why Can’t I Have A Stretched VMware Horizon View Cluster?

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