Migrate Sharepoint Calendars to Zimbra

For years we’ve lacked a collaborative e-mail platform at my company and now we are full swing into Zimbra with only 20% of our staff left to be migrated over to the new platform.  During this time, we’ve used the Sharepoint calendars to allow staff to book rooms and have vacation calendars for each department.

It’s now time to move these calendars to Zimbra so that appointments can automatically book resources (rooms) and users can also collaborate directly in their e-mail platform instead of having to use another platform.  The problem?  How to get these calendar “lists” out of Sharepoint!

Since Sharepoint calendars can be shared in Outlook, that was my first step.  Secondly, I needed Outlook 2010 (I’m not sure if this is possible in 2007 or earlier).

Instructions after the hop…

  • Connect the sharepoint calendar to your outlook.  In the Sharepoint Calendar, click the Ribbon button for Calendar, and click “Connect To Outlook.”
  • In Outlook, allow that calendar to populate.  I went ahead and repeated all of these steps first for all of my calendars.
  • Next, in Outlook, go to the Calendars view and find the “email calendar” option on the Outlook ribbon under the Share section.  Click that.
  • A dialog box opens and lets you select which Calendar to email.
  • Then click your date range to export, like Whole Calendar.
  • There are some limits, so if you hit them, it will tell you how to resolve the limit.
  • In Detail, choose Full Details.
  • Then click OK.
  • A new email opens with the calendar attachment.
  • No need to send that email — just right click on the .ics attachment and choose Save As.
  • Now repeat steps 3-10 for every calendar you already shared with Outlook — just choose the different calendar in step 4.
  • Once you have all the .ICS files saved, open Zimbra administration console and go to Resources.
  • Right click on your first resource (or create your resource), like training room 1, and choose View Mail.
  • This opens the Zimbra web front for this resource’s account.  Go to Preferences – Import/Export.
  • Click Choose File – browse to the place where you saved the .ICS attachment for that resource.
  • Click Import.  Then you’re done with that resource – click Log Out in the top right corner.
  • Now log back into your personal Zimbra account and try to schedule an appointment. Type in that resource in the “location” box.
  • Boom! You’re finished!



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