TODAY ONLY: New Duet Display app for iPad and Mac $9.99

LAUNCHING TODAY is a revolutionary new app for your iPad/iPhone and Mac users.  DuetDisplay is epic!

Real-time, full resolution use of your iPad/iPhone as a second monitor for your Apple Mac laptop or desktop.    The price is $14.99 but today’s launch special is $9.99.


You install a drive on your Mac (free) then you install the app on your iPad or iPhone.  Plug it up to your Mac.  Bam!  Instant second screen at full resolution, and ability to use touch screen!

I’m definitely going to be using this with Fusion and Horizon View!


See MacRumor’s review.

Visit now to download the Mac client.

Visit the App Store to download the app now ($9.99 is 12/18/15 only!)


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