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Trend Deep Security 9 – DO NOT UPGRADE

If you’re running ESX 5/5.1, do NOT upgrade/install Trend Deep Security 9.  There’s a good chance you will find this bug… we sure did! I found this after 3 of my ESXi hosts intermittently PSOD (failed, died, kicked the can). It’s always fun for your environment to be the reason that a tech-vendor has […]

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BitLocker is eating my free space!

I was up late tonight working on some patching in a maintenance window when I saw the alert that a file server went below the 1 GB free mark.  This is a secure file server using Windows BitLocker to encrypt the drive’s contents.  I gave it more HDD space in vCenter then extended the volume […]

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Trend Micro Deep Security 9: Exclude Network Shares from Anti-malware scans

I found a little problem with the default real-time scan settings in Trend Micro Deep Security 9 that we deployed last week… there are no exclusions set!  It first found “malicious” files in my DataDomain backup share on my Veeam server.  The folder is a UNC Share path “\\wf.local\sysvol\Datadomain\Veeam\Backups”. It is simple to create a […]

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