Reclaim space on XtremIO with unmap

Like most of us, you are probably using thin-provisioned LUNS on your storage system.  If you’re using an all flash array (AFA), like EMC’s XtremIO, then you’re also probably using a pretty awesome in-line deduplicating and compressing storage system. I did not know until recently that unused storage blocks on a VMFS datastore are NOT automatically […]

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Add PortGroup to hosts with PowerCLI

It’s easy to add a new portgroup to all hosts in your cluster or even just one host with PowerCLI.   To add to all hosts in the cluster, use this script: get-cluster “My-Servers” | Get-VMHost | Get-VirtualSwitch -Name “vSwitch2” | New-VirtualPortGroup -Name “VM Mgmt Network VLAN 101” -VLanId 101   To add to one […]

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Installing the Data Domain Management Center

One takeaway from my trip to EMCWorld 2016 was that I needed to try out the new (ish) Data Domain Management Center (DDMC) to better manage my two Data Domain appliances and gain insight into better reporting. Per EMC: EMC Data Domain Management Center is a scalable virtual appliance that streamlines management and reporting in […]

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It’s official – VMware is retiring the “thick client”

The next version of vSphere will be released without the C# thick client. It will JUST be an HTML5 web client.  You can download the Fling of the HTML5 client now from VMware:   There is no public release date for the new version of vSphere.  

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VMware Horizon View 6’s best kept secret

ViewDbChk –scanMachines –force Yep.   That’s it.

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New Cisco Support Contract Checker

Does a Cialis commercial come to mind when you read this?: “Do you struggle to keep up with your support contracts and expiration dates?  If so, Cisco Device Checker can help!” Ha! But seriously, Cisco has apparently released a new tool that I saw when logging into TAC today called the “Device covered checker”.   You […]

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Teradici Announced End Of Life for Tera1 Zero Clients

Am I the only one that missed this from April? According to this official documentation from Teradici, Tera1 is now End of Life. Important Dates Milestone Definition Date End-of-Life (EOL) Notification Notification of EOL provided through Teradici’s Technical Support portal.Tera1 firmware releases will not include development for new platform version support or features.Firmware updates will […]

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NEW Easy ways to License Microsoft Windows and Office for VMware Horizon View Virtual desktops (VDI)

An extremely complicated concept to understand is Microsoft Licensing in general.  If you’re trying to properly license virtual desktops running Windows, your level of complication just multiplied. Late 2014 also included MANY updates to the licensing options for VDI that I’ll discuss below. Disclaimer:  I am not a Microsoft Licensing expert by any means.  I […]

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VMware Horizon View Blast Gateway does not update

Ran across an interesting issue lately where our internal SSL CA certs from the last go around expired 3/2/2015.  When we upgraded to Horizon 5.3.3 in December 2014, we updated all the certs to expire 12/2016, so we shouldn’t have had any issues.  NOT so fast… Turns out the issue is how you upgrade the […]

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TODAY ONLY: New Duet Display app for iPad and Mac $9.99

LAUNCHING TODAY is a revolutionary new app for your iPad/iPhone and Mac users.  DuetDisplay is epic! Real-time, full resolution use of your iPad/iPhone as a second monitor for your Apple Mac laptop or desktop.    The price is $14.99 but today’s launch special is $9.99. WHAT? You install a drive on your Mac (free) then […]

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